The Forbidden Truth About Medellin Brides Revealed By An Old Professional

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That’s one thing I appreciate about Colombian and many Latin women in general, their warmth. Though I have considered creating a site dedicated specifically to Colombia & Venezuela specifically, (2 places that I I’ve lived full time in South America) I haven’t defined specifically a time frame. That is to say, I’m not a full time blogger and writing about Colombia etc is not my priority. I’m a business developer first and foremost and my monetary projects are where I currently devote my time.

Progress since then has spanned five mayors of different political parties. Today, Medellín’s homicide rate is one-twentieth of what it was in 1993, and nearly two-thirds of those who were once mired in poverty have emerged from it. Virtually everyone in the city, including the majority that a decade ago had few basic services, has full free access to education, health care, transportation and range of cultural, economic and online services, most of them free. Traveling by yourself in Medellín is not much different than in any large city. Personal awareness and creating a contact plan with family or friends back in your home country is a good idea no matter where you are traveling. Facebook has several groups you can join to meet up with other expats in Medellín.

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  • Hola Clara, thanks for sharing your honest feedback as a paisa woman.
  • One of the girls was more exotic looking because she was darker with more Indian features, the kind I’m usually most attracted to, women with Color.
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There are also the ones outside of medellin main like Palmiahia which can be very good. The backpacker places include some like Babylon – ladies night Thursday night, Blue nightclub nearby. Lots of others around Park Lleras – just walk around and go where seems good. Provenza (just above Park Lleras is the spot now. Again, walk around and stop in what takes your fancy. Plenty of places will have very few foreigners if you want to get away from them.

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The women are not very shy about what they want and what they like, and will have no issues telling you how they enjoy the “finer things in life.” It’s not fun to be a broke backpacker in Medellin. In my experience, many of the women I met in Medellin acted as though they’re the most awesome creatures to ever exist, but also as if Medellin is the greatest city on earth.

Volunteers work at sustainable local projects that care for children who would otherwise live in extreme danger of falling victims to violence or trafficking;commonplace amongst the marginalised and displaced communities of Colombia. Relationships with Medellin girls take effort and time to build. While you hear the phrases Medellin Women used collectively, you in all probability have a normal image in thoughts. Medellin ladies are lovely, smart, independent, and candid people. These are women that know tips on medellin colombia women how to have fun, are serious and decided when the situation deems it match- and all whereas trying good while they’re at it too!

Volunteers who want an amazing cultural experience can choose aHomestayoption. Accommodations will be with a Colombian family with all meals included. Thebase donationfor volunteering is where all money received goes to the charity, ourcharitable activities, charity partners andsupporting volunteersin country. A cheap flight or a 9-hour bus ride to the coast takes you to the UNESCO world heritage site of Cartagena. Its Spanish colonial architecture creates a style unmatched anywhere in South America. Along the coast you can find unspoilt white sand beaches, deep bays and the world’s highest coastal mountain range. For the more adventurous, trek to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida; an amazing three-day hike through impressive jungle.

His mother was a very sweet, lovely person and a great cook, too. I guess I don’t have so much problem with your initial post as the responses to it, the worst of which seem to come from Americans . I came to this site accidently, medellin colombia wife out of curiosity triggered by my cousin, who has a friend that lived in Medellin for a year, and talked of it, trying to get him to visit, although all I ever heard about was wonderful climate, beautiful place.

What I dislike in the letter that she posted as to WHY she wanted her pics removed. Her explanation is SHALLOW in my view, because it demonstrates that she hadn’t read the entire thread to recognize that this was not a thread bashing Colombianas or “talking bad’ about Colombiana’s as she suggested. In retrospective, those men -like you- behind those type of girls has few to nothing of emotional intelligence, and only think with the “small head”, which clearly explains why this post is written the way it is. It is good to know that the women are open towards Gringos. I guess I have to improve my english when want to approach women in Medellin, or do they speak decent english? In the USA, it’s mostly the rich or famous men that are going out with the women 20+ years younger.

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At that time, the streets are filled with locals returning from work and heading back home and there is no issue being out at that time. After this time, it is best to avoid walking in infrequently traveled or unlit areas. Certain areas of the city such as El Centro should really be avoided at night. If you are a tourist, carry a copy of your passport when you are out and about. Avoid ATMs on the street or in areas with few people around. El Poblado is considered by many as the safest part of the city. However, robbery statistics have been increasing there.

That is something tha bothers me a lot that foreigners think that people from here is poor or are starving whent the truth is that here are a lot of wealthy people and most of them have more money than foreigners. I wouldn’t characterize any of my male friends as predators. They’re young men looking to date women in Colombia, just like any other country they’ve lived in . That’s not to say some men aren’t going to Colombia for the prostitution, but remember, it’s LEGAL here. Anyway- even though I had a gun pulled on me by a cab driver over the use of ‘air conditioning’ in the cab, I still regard Colombia as my favorite country in South America, though I’ll also visit Brazil after Colombia. Venezuela had it’s merits, but I feel more connected to Colombia because I spent more time there.

I’ve lived in Medellin for 4 years now, game up and go after quality! Also, the girls pictured here are probably in the 10% that will not enjoy your company if you come up to them, especially if you don’t speak spanish (can’t stress that point enough). I lived in Envigado, which is one of the safest areas of the city. Or was, until it was swallowed by Medellin in the seventies. There are some other parts of the city that are perfectly safe, but the central area was a huge disappointment for me. After dark, the most prestigious squares are overtaken by herds of drunks and the kind of people who make you feel unsafe.

Enjoy gourmet food and drink great wine while surrounded by nature. The people of Medellín are warm and generous, just like the city’s signature dish. You can find this on the menu at any restaurant that serves local Colombian food. Your cost of living will depend on what type of lifestyle you want to have. Medellín is less expensive than many comparable U.S. cities.